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Fractional Ownership for Retirees

Own, live or earn with retirement properties

As Canada’s elderly population grows, generating income from retirement properties is increasingly profitable. Joining forces with us provides opportunities to diversify your income streams and meet the rising demand for senior living spaces.

Earning with Fractional Ownership on a Retirement Property

From the perspective of retirees or those planning for retirement, fractional ownership provides an avenue to enjoy the benefits of a retirement property without the full financial and maintenance responsibilities. You can buy a portion of a property, gaining access to amenities and services tailored to your needs, while also potentially benefiting from rental income generated by the property.
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Fractional ownership presents an opportunity to diversify your portfolio beyond traditional methods of earning income. It offers a tangible asset with the potential for rental income and capital appreciation. Moreover, it allows for flexibility; meaning, you can choose the fraction of ownership that aligns with your budget and long to short-term income earning goals.

Managing Your Property


Services of a professional management company that takes care of property management, reservations, and other logistical aspects. This can provide peace of mind to you and the other owner(s) who do not want to be heavily involved in the day-to-day operations of the property.

Flexible ACCESS

Predetermined, schedule or swapping of usage rights among owners for allocating time at the property. This ensures that each owner gets a fair share of time to use the property.
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Public Workshop

Advisors play critical executive roles and policy making across our company. Their unwavering dedication, deep knowledge and client centric attitude has solidified our brand and company; as a true player in real estate. Whether your interest is to Buy luxury properties, Fractional ownership and participate in our exclusive private lending program, our Advisors will guide you through the entire process.
Equity to Cash Flow Mastery & Tools
This workshop will empower you to leverage your equity into reliable stream of cash flow.
Learn How to Own Properties
Learn how a diverse of range real estate projects can enhance the stability of your ownership potential.

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